Progress on the house organ

Last Sunday, July 2nd, was the big party that George and I had to celebrate our 25th anniversary. (Can it really be 25 years ago that we got together?) The party was also supposed to be the inauguration of my house organ. But the date was chosen arbitrarily, and Tim Hemry, the organ builder never promised, and the organ isn’t complete yet. But there’s good progress, and I hope in the next month or six weeks it will be finished.

He did deliver the console to my house on the Friday evening before the party, so there is something to show. (More pics posted soon.) The console is beautiful, as well as being in mint condition.

Now I’m anxious for the whole thing to be done!

Progress on the house organ

Pipes being racked Stop tabs

I’m starting to get antsy to have the new organ installed in my house. Tim Hemry, the builder, is feeding me tantalizing photos every few days, so I know that progress is being made. The photo on the left shows the pipes being racked in the shop. They will eventually sit on top of the case that contains the wind chest. The photo on the right shows the stop tabs, just back from the engraver, using the font Skia that I chose for the engraving. They look great! Hopefully in the next month it will be in the house.

Preparations for the House Organ

Preparation in the studio for the organ
In January I signed a contract with Tim Hemry, a local organ builder, to make a small practice pipe organ for my house. This has meant that I had to clear out the studio where all of my computer equipment and my Chickering grand piano has been kept, along with about a ton of other stuff. George I spent the day today clearing out the closet and the studio, carrying enormous quantities to the basement, as well as out to the trash. I finally had to move my car to the street to have more room for filled trash bags in the garage. But as you can see from the photo, we accomplished the goal. The next step will be the installation of new flooring (wooden) in the room, and some electrical work. The installation will be in May or early June.

Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s been a relatively quiet Thanksgiving weekend here. Thursday was cold and blustery. Yesterday was not snowy, but it was cold. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (no cards, no presents, no special church services), it was good to just stay home and relax. We had the usual turkey/potatoes/cranberry dinner just for ourselves. Many years in the past we’ve had guests (often “stray” students or work colleagues who didn’t have anywhere to go), but this year it was just the two of us, plus Sam and Rosie, the dogs, and Mitsou, the cat.

The rest of the weekend was spent rearranging bookcases and the books on them to clear space in my studio for the eventual installation of my house practice organ. I got the proposal from Tim Hemry, the builder, on Wednesday, so now I have to figure out how to pay for it, and then give him the go-ahead. That entails clearing the space in the room where it will be installed, which has been full of books, CDs, music, and other miscellaneous detritus. We’ve made good progress, although there is still more for me to clear out.

I’ve weeded out a bunch of books, some to sell on, and some to give to the book sale at school that benefits the continuing education department. One of them that I listed on has already sold, so I had to make a trip to the main post office this afternoon to get it express mailed to a guy in Texas, who was very anxious to have it. It’s a good thing I’m a nice guy, because I would not have had to make such special arrangements.