In the wrong business: Why can’t a church organist have a $45 Million Yacht?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg may be the man of the moment, what with the Time Person of the Year award, the most hotly awaited impending initial public offering and a critically acclaimed movie loosely based on his life.

But a Google co-founder, Larry Page, has one thing Mr. Zuckerberg doesn’t: a really big yacht.

Late last year, Mr. Page bought Senses from the New Zealand millionaire Douglas Myers for $45 million, according to The New Zealand Herald.

What did the Google billionaire get for his money? The newspaper obliges with a wealth of details:

Its stylish interiors are finished by famous French designer Philippe Starck and its split-level decks are home to sun-lounging areas, festooned with a multitude of deck chairs.

There are sheltered indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a gym and on-deck jacuzzi. It can accommodate 10 guests and 14 crew.

There are pleasure-boats of all sizes available for guests’ use and the yacht can carry a helicopter with ease.

Mr. Page can count himself among Silicon Valley’s sailing elite, alongside Oracle’s Lawrence Ellison. (DealBook remembers that only a few years ago, the trend was to sell your boat.)

(Via Business Insider.)

None of my professional engagements is ever going to provide this sort of perk, I’m afraid.

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