Jury finds against Rosenberg

In a not unsurprising conclusion given recent testimony in the case, on Friday a jury in Cleveland found that the Cleveland Plain Dealer had not discriminated against critic Donald Rosenberg by reassigning him away from reviewing the Cleveland Orchestra’s concerts, nor had the Musical Arts Association, the parent organization of the Cleveland Orchestra, defamed him by making complaints to the newspaper’s management about the alleged personal vendetta Rosenberg had (has?) against the orchestra’s music director Franz Welser-Möst.  The Plain Dealer does not yet have its own reporting on the end of the four week trial (just an Associated Press report.) But the New York Times has a more extensive article, which quotes Rosenberg as saying,“We gave it our best shot. I stood up for what I believed. I don’t regret a moment of it.” Rosenberg declined to comment on any future plans he may have, although his attorney was making noises of a potential appeal. The Orchestra had no comment.

VFB will update this report with a PD link as it is available.

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