Franz Welser-Möst testifies by video in Rosenberg lawsuit trial

In its ongoing coverage of the lawsuit by Plain Dealer critic Donald Rosenberg against the PD and the Cleveland Orchestra, the paper reports that current Music Director Franz Welser-Möst testified by means of a video deposition taken in 2009, to the effect that he was angered by Rosenberg’s alleged mis-characterization in a 2004 PD article of an interview that Franz gave to a Swiss magazine, in which the conductor referred to Cleveland’s “blue haired ladies” and to Cleveland as an “inflated farmer’s village.”  In his deposition, Welser-Möst says that he intended the latter comment in a complimentary way, and that Rosenberg took his comments out of context, mistranslating them out of German to English, publishing a very unflattering article about Welser-Möst without asking the conductor to comment on his statements.

Rosenberg’s attorney Steven Sindell has apparently not yet called any witnesses or introduced any direct evidence to support the claim of Rosenberg’s lawsuit, that he was discriminated against on the basis of age.

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