Cleveland is falling apart

Is it my imagination or is Cleveland’s aging infrastructure starting to give way all of a sudden? In the past week, here are the things that have affected me personally:

* a major water main break on Adelbert Road in the middle of the CWRU campus, which has closed traffic off and on for the better part of a week.
* two major power outages last weekend that left about 10,000 homes without power.
* another water main break on Adelbert today (or was the first one just not fixed right?)
* a major water main break on eastbound Cedar Road on Cedar Hill, one of the major arteries from the eastern suburbs to downtown. Many thousands of cars/drivers were greatly delayed during this evening’s rush hour, with no ETA for completion of repairs.

I think of these sorts of events in cold winter weather, but not in the summer. Perhaps a civil engineer can answer why this stuff is all happening now, other than the obvious answer that our government is not doing appropriate preventive maintenance.

Perhaps the Tea Party folks pressing for doing away with government should consider what happens when the government is deprived of enough money to fix the streets, change the bulbs in street lights, maintain the sewage systems. The state of California is already finding out; the rest of us may be finding out soon.

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