Seattle wind-down

I’m back in Cleveland after the five days in beautiful Seattle.  The weather was spectacular for the whole trip, even on the last day when the temperature got down to a more moderate low 70s.  On Friday I went back to the Seattle Public Library for their specialized architecture tour, and it was worth it.  The woman who conducted the tour was very knowledgeable and gave good explanations for  the design and engineering of the very complicated structure.  (She likened it to three shoeboxes set on top of each other, the middle one turned at right angles to the other, then with a towel draped over the whole thing.)  She also revealed that the structural and mechanical engineers who made the building work had also worked on the Gehry “Experience Music Project” building, and said that Rem Koolhaas’s library was more difficult.  The re-tour was worth the hour and a half.

I was also glad to have taken the ferry to Bainbridge Island on Thursday.  The ferry was relaxing, and the island is calm.  Nothing much to do but get picnic lunch at the grocery store, then sit by the marina and watch the boats and water, then walk around a bit and take the ferry back.

I had dinner on Friday evening with my niece Kristine and her boyfriend Bill. After Vietnamese food we had fresh strawberry shortcake made from organic berries that she had picked that day at the organic farm where she works.  Nothing like vine-ripened fresh strawberries!

The return red-eye flight was uneventful, although almost full.  But leaving at 11:00, the lights were dimmed almost immediately.  I had my usual situation of not being the least bit sleepy, so it meant that by 6:15 EDT when we arrived in Cleveland, I was really tired.

Imagine, then, my state when I got back to my house at 7:30 AM to discover that at some point during my trip the garage had been broken into.  Luckily the thieves did not get into the main part of the house, but my bicycle was stolen as well as a number of other small things.  So I called the police to make a report.  To their credit, the officer did arrive about ten minutes later.  Not much to be done, but it was an unpleasant end to what had been a fine trip.

I managed to get a couple hours of nap, but then had to top off the day playing for a memorial service for Phyllis Martien, one of my longtime church members who died while I was away.  The service was at the Judson Park retirement home, and there was no organ.  I had been requested to play Bach’s “Sheep May Safely Graze” on the piano (a quite nice Boston instrument).  I didn’t have a piano transcription so (thank goodness for the Internet) I found a copy and downloaded it.

Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough.

I have to say that Seattle is quite a wonderful place to visit, but (unlike many people I know) I have no desire to live there.  Check one off the list.

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