Dick Cavett on weeping

Dick Cavett’s blog posts on the NY Times web site are almost always thought-provoking, and he hit a nerve with me today in his article about being overcome with emotion last week during the inaugural ceremonies and celebration.  (see I’m Not Weeping; It’s an Allergy – Dick Cavett Blog – NYTimes.com.) There were several times during the day last Tuesday when I found myself choked up, thinking about this historic event (as trite as that phrase is, it’s the right one—very few events in my lifetime will be as singular as a black man being inaugurated President of the United States of America.)

Likewise his thoughts about the former occupant of the White House being booed at his departure were right on. One of my colleagues at work has speculated that the reason Cheney needed a wheel chair was that he had tripped on his tail and got stabbed by its spear.

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