Movie recommenation of the week: Slumdog Millionaire

Last night I saw the film that has been getting so much publicity this year, Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle.  It’s been nominated for four Golden Globes, including Best Picture – Drama.  It will deserve all the awards it wins.  It is complex, moving back and forth in time from the present, in which a young man who grew up in the slums of Mumbai, India, wins 20 million rupees on the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” to memories of his childhood (which makes the lives of Charles Dickens’ characters seem like a picnic in comparison), to child exploitation, to scenes of torture in a police station when the officials believe that he is cheating to win.  How could a slumdog know the answers to these obscure questions?  This is an inspirational story of survival above all odds.

The movie has drama, humor, and, above all, compassion.

In true Bollywood fashion, what’s a movie without a big song and dance number, so be sure to stay through the closing credits.

UPDATE 20090112:  If you watched the Golden Globe awards last night you saw that Slumdog Millionaire won the awards for Best Motion Picture – Drama; Best Director – Motion Picture (Danny Boyle); Best Screenplay – Motion Picture (Simon Beaufoy); and Best Original Score – Motion Picture (A.R. Rahman).  Congratulations to them all!  Now on to the Oscars.

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