Why am I so intolerant?


I made a good faith effort to attend my Homeowners Association Annual Meeting this evening. I signed in so that I would count as part of the quorum. But after an hour, and before the actual meeting began, I couldn’t take it any longer, and I left. As a “prelude” to the meeting, a representative from the city traffic department was present to hear comments about the possible re-opening of E.84th street, which has been closed for severalyears. I really couldn’t care less if it is opened, and I wish it would, because it would mean there would be an opening onto Chester Avenue westbound, which there is not now.

But I am clearly in the minority, and the group was subjected to the rants of several of my neighbors who obviously are very passionate about the issue. It was also quite clear that if I had stated my opinion I would have been shouted down, and God only knows what other future reprisals would have occurred. So I kept my mouth shut. There was no one running the meeting (the person ostensibly running the meeting was also running his mouth to the extent that others in the audience were unable to make comments or ask questions). The current City Councilwoman was present as well, and she was subjected to the abuse from the group.

This “pre-meeting” was supposed to begin at 7:00 but didn’t start until almost 7:30 (when the city traffic commissioner finally showed up). The actual Association meeting was supposed to begin at 7:30. At 8:15, the session was winding down, and I decided than an hour and a quarter of my time was enough for this fiasco. There was no promise that the actual homeowners association meeting was going to be any more productive, so I retreated to Starbucks and the safety of my iPod and Moleskine journal. I guess I just have less tolerance than I once did for these sorts of shenanigans. Let them just stay as far out of my life as possible.

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