Paul Jerabek, master of roses

On Thursday this week the Plain Dealer had an article about my friend and former choir member Paul Jerabek about his skills and career as a rose breeder and grower. Janet Fillmore, the Plain Dealer reporter who wrote the story, had written about Paul last year upon his retirement from the Euclid Avenue Congregational Church choir, which I’ve directed for the past 23 years, after seventy years. I am privileged to have one of Paul’s roses, “Our Pearl” in my garden, named after the late EACC staff member Pearl Doray upon her retirement from the church. It almost always blooms late into the Fall, almost until Christmas. I sometimes refer to it as our Christmas Rose.

2 thoughts on “Paul Jerabek, master of roses

  1. Hello;

    My name is Kim Johnson and I was the niece of Pearl Doray, for whom the “Our Pearl” rose was named. After reading the blog about Paul Jerabek, I discovered that you had one of these rose bushes in your own garden.

    I was wondering if it was possible to purchase a rose plant. Perhaps you can get contact information to me regarding where I can purchase one. I would love to be able to give my Mom, Pearl’s sister, Virginia, a rose bush for next Mother’s Day in May.

    You can contact me at the email address, [DELETED PRIOR TO APPROVAL FOR SECURITY]

    Thank you!

  2. I’m sure it will be possible. Either I or my partner will contact you by email. Thanks for your interest. It is almost always the first rose to bloom and the last to stop blooming in the Fall.

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