Shoe laces

Regular readers of this blog will realize that I am easily thrilled. Such was the case the night before last when at Target I found a pair of black 27″ round, unwaxed shoe laces. Do you have any idea how hard they are to find? Shoe stores don’t carry shoe laces anymore. (I guess the theory is that when the laces break it’s time to throw away the shoes and buy a new pair.) You have to go either to Wal-Mart, Target, some drug stores, or a shoe repair shop. Waxed laces won’t stay tied, and flat laces look weird in this particular pair of shoes. And 27″ laces are almost impossible to buy. (I have always supposed that lots of people want them, but stores can’t figure out that they need to stock proportionally more of them.)

This morning I installed the new laces. They tied beautifully and stayed tied all day.

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