More on Moleskine

Several months ago I made an entry in this blog about my love for the Moleskine notebooks. There was recently an article in the Plain Dealer, reprinted from two articles in the Washington Post (the article itself is here; the second includes some testimonials of Moleskine fanatics.)

One of the users posted on the web site moleskinerie:

“I buy Moleskines every few months, whether I need them or not. I buy the Van Gogh green ones, the small ones, the blank ones, the lined ones — I have a shelf full of them, as if they are a treasure. And they are a treasure.”

That is exactly how I am–I buy them even though I have no immediate (or perhaps ever) use for them. I like how they feel; how they look on the shelf; the texture of the covers and paper. I have at least one of just about every model that is made. It is only a symptom of my larger office products fetish. Some people eat ice cream when they’ve had a bad day; some women buy a new pair of shoes. For me, there is nothing that is more uplifting than having a new pen or a new notebook.

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