Many of the London Underground stations are quite deep and are reached by means of long escalators, the length of which are lined with advertising posters. These posters are very close together and usually are repeated multiple times along the length of the escalator, so you may see the same ad six or seven times during one ride. When we were in London in December one of the common ads was for Fruit of the Loom men’s boxer brief underwear. There was a hunky model lounging on his bed in his tighty-whities. Very interesting, since in the U.S. Fruit of the Loom (available at such high end emporia as WalMart, Target and K-Mart) is not considered upscale attired. No fashionable young (particularly gay) man would be caught dead in Fruit of the Loom. The Underground ads were actually for an online e-commerce site figleaves.com, which specializes in women’s undergarments, but also has a men’s section, at relatively inflated prices.

When I was growing up, underwear came from J.C. Penney’s; now mine comes from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx–whatever is on sale–Ralph Lauren, Nautica, 2-Xist. But on the basis of a successful ad campaign in the London Underground, I decided to give Fruit of the Loom a try. Surprisingly, it is of higher quality than I might have thought and quite comfortable. And a whole lot cheaper (at Target) than Ralph Lauren (at Marshall’s).

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