Boxing Day

Monday, December 26, 2005–Cambridge. The day after Christmas–Boxing Day–is almost as big a holiday in the U.K. as Christmas. Almost everything was closed again. It was sunny and crisply cold outside. For a change, we didn’t have any social engagements during the day, so we hung around the flat all morning, then about noon we left for a long walk around the area of Cambridge where we were staying. We ultimately made our way to the other side of the River Cam and followed the path along the back of the colleges. Very scenic–all we were missing were the cattle that browse the pasture in the summer.

Very few stores were open today, and most were the British branches of American concerns (The Gap, Borders). We looked around briefly in Waterstone’s Bookshop, but then headed home the long way around Jesus College and back across Jesus Green to Park Parade.

We were invited to dinner at our friend Tessa Gardner’s home, just down the street. She is a very gracious host, and I always look forward to seeing her and experiencing her hospitality. (Although she described dinner as her “leftovers”, they were better than most “first times”…. cold roasted stuff duck, roasted chicken, a lovely soup, and a salad with chicory and sliced oranges.) We stayed and chatted until well after midnight.

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