Moving on to Cambridge

Thursday, December 22, 2005 — London – Cambridge. I hadn’t slept well, so it was a struggle to get out of bed, but we needed to get packed up and checked out of the hotel, so that we could go on to Cambridge. We left our luggage in the hotel’s closet and went out for a walk. Upon seeing a sign directing us toward it, on a whim we went to the Charles Dickens House Museum in Bloomsbury. It was a house that Dickens had lived fairly early in his writing career. Not a great museum, but the sitting room was decorated for Christmas in Victorian style, so it was mildly entertaining.

We retrieved our luggage at the Montana and walked the block to King’s Cross station. We caught the 2:15 fast train (i.e., non-stop) to Cambridge and were there by 3:30. We picked up a taxi to Park Parade to our friend Derek’s flat, lent to us for the next few days. It is a charming place in a wonderful and convenient location overlooking Jesus Green.

I wanted to visit my favorite music store, Brian Jordan Music, and I was afraid they might be closed, so we walked over there late in the afternoon. George left me to browse while he made a trip to Sainsbury’s (supermarket) for food supplies for the next few days.
Dinner was considerably less glamorous than in London–a trip to Pizza Express (although several steps above the usual pizza restaurant in the U.S.) I spent the rest of the evening on my Christmas card writing project.
The weather is cloudy, relatively mild temperatures, but with a damp, chilly breeze. Glad I have a warm woolen coat and a scarf. (Earlier in the week I had insisted on a trip to Marks and Spencer in London so that I could buy a stocking cap to keep my head warm.)

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