University Circle Holiday Circlefest

This past Sunday, December 4th, was the annual University Circle Holiday Circlefest. My church was again this year on the “circuit” of the shuttle bus that ran around to all of the institutions participating, and it was again a worthwhile endeavor. I played a couple of organ “mini-recitals” of about a half hour each–all Christmas music, so low-stress for both player and listener. I ended each with an improvisation, which always impresses people. Later in the afternoon we had a jazz trio from the Cleveland School of the Arts performing. It was two high school age young men (tenor sax and piano) plus their teacher on the bass. The young men are still inexperienced players, but it was great to hear them, and they had an appreciative audience.

During the course of the afternoon there were about 70 people in to see the church. People are always interested in the organ and the stained glass windows and the woodwork in the sanctuary. Even after over twenty years as Director of Music, I still marvel at the magnificent space.

After a long service in the morning, plus all afternoon at the church, I was ready to go home and sit in silence–which I did.

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