Croquet anyone?

This evening as I was leaving work at the library, I had a few moments of “Gatsby-esque” cognitive dissonance when I witnessed a group of young men (presumably Case students, but of unknown provenance) playing croquet on the front lawn oval of the Kelvin Smith Library.

I did see a group of kids playing croquet in the same location earlier in the summer; but this was different. Not only were they playing croquet, they were all dressed in khaki or white bermuda shorts, white shirts of various sorts, most with knee-high socks, and all with a hat of some sort–some with straw fedoras and only one could I see with the ubiquitous baseball cap turned backwards. (One young gentleman of generous proportion made the unfortunate fashion choice of a very tight spandex sleeveless T-shirt. I had visions of bratwurst. Where were the “Queer Eye” guys when you really need them?)

They were obviously having a good time, and what better use of that lawn space. However, I couldn’t figure out if it was the Case Western Reserve Croquet Club or a group from the Cleveland Institute of Art or the Case Theatre Department in some sort of performance art event. Perhaps the library could sponsor them as their official team.

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