Happy Birthday, Cyndi Lauper, You’re Still Having Fun!

National Public Radio (!) today announced that this is Cyndi (“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) Lauper’s birthday and she is 52, which makes her slightly more than a year younger than me. In the ’80s, when she first hit her stride with a string of hits, she eventually was eclipsed in fame, fortune and notoriety by her younger competitor, Madonna. But Cyndi has had a long, steady career, and she continues to grow as an artist and performer, with a much wider range of styles than the sexpot-turned-English-gentlewoman.

“Cyndi Lauper – Live… At Last

Her latest project is a live concert DVD, based on her latest album At Last. My favorite is the “French” version of “She Bop” with the accordion.

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