Reviewed in the NY Times: A creepy but moving blog worth looking at

There are zillions of blogs out there and most of them (including, perhaps, this one) aren’t worth the time it takes to open the URL to read them. Yesterday’s New York Times had a review (yes a review of a blog!) of something very different. It is called PostSecret. PostSecret is described “as an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade [4 x 6 inch] postcard.” The postcards are then scanned and, and the images are posted to the blog.

The secrets run from the trivial (“I save all the staples I pull out of papers at work. They’re in a box on my desk and weigh a pound and a half.” or “I leave poetry in library books.”) to the horrific (Caption on a postcard showing a photo of the burning twin towers on 9/11: “He should have been at work that day. I wish he had been.” or “My father was jailed for rape and molestation of his girlfriend’s daughters. He’s been there several years I’ve always suspected he molested me as well. But I’ve never said anything and I’m scared to find out if my suspicions are true. I’m not sure if my farther is the imprisoned one, or if the one imprisoned is me.”)

The site doesn’t have any fancy features, just the postcards, which you could spend hours reading. (It is so compelling that I have to pull myself away from it.) This is a true “digital exhibit” in which the art and the anonymous artists speak for themselves.

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