Good Deal with Dave Lieberman

My new favorite food show is on the Food Network, Good Deal with Dave Lieberman. He is a twenty-something guy who cooks dishes on his show that are practical, using ingredients that you can get at most major supermarkets, and that one might consider actually cooking at home. (So many food shows use ingredients and techniques that I think, “Why would I bother with this.”) A feature of each show features Dave going to the grocery store and picking out the ingredients for the dishes to be cooked on the show, and explaining why he’s using them. One of the things that I like most about the show (and unlike Martha Stewart and her ilk) is that he uses mostly low-cost fresh ingredients, with a bit of luxury thrown in from time to time. For a recent show featuring chocolate recipes, he used less-expensive semi-sweet chocolate chips rather than the expensive high-end chocolate bars. His comment, “I can’t afford the luxury of the chocolate bars, and the chocolate morsels will work just fine.” He’s also not above using store-bought ingredients. For a raspberry, whipped cream, pound cake parfait dessert, he used store-bought pound cake. (Dave: “For the cost of the eggs and butter, this is cheaper and will work just as well.”) The dishes look attractive and appeal to the taste.

I’m planning to download some of the recipes from the Food Network web site and have them in my repertoire.

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