Sick the past few days

Last Saturday (that would be the day before Palm Sunday to you liturgical people) I came down with some sort of flu bug–diarrhea, fever, chills, headache, aches. All that great stuff. George was here for the weekend from DC; he himself was getting over another strain of the flu. There is, of course, little to do except wait it out, so I have spent most of the past four days in bed or at very least sitting down. I managed to give George a good scare on Saturday night: I had decided to brush my teeth before I went to bed. While I was doing so, I became faint and realized that I needed to get back to bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it, and sort of stumbled into my bedroom and passed out half on and half off of my bed. Poor George happened by as the crash happened (I managed to swipe a bunch of stuff off my dresser in the process.)

I’ve stayed home from work for the past two days. Now the worst is over, but I’m still feeling weak and just have trouble getting it together to do anything. I managed to get to the grocery store to buy bread and something for dinner, but I was pretty worn out by the time I got home.

I’m not a good patient, so I hope it’s gone soon. About all I’ve been able to do for work is look at email and reply to a little of it. Typing blog entries doesn’t take much energy, so here I am.