Are you a guy who shaves his legs?

In the past few weeks in the shower room at the gym (1-2-1 Fitness Center) I have encountered three different guys shaving their legs. These are youngish men, probably in their 20s. Is this a new fad for metrosexual men? Are they competitive swimmers or cyclists, for which body shaving is fairly standard? (Maybe, but from their observable physical condition otherwise, I doubt it.) Are they hosiery or swimming suit models? (Not likely.) About to undergo surgery? (Again, not likely) I know that lots of men shave their chest hair now for cosmetic purposes to show off their chest musculature, but has that idea now transported itself to the legs?

It would be quite ironic if men are now shaving their just for kicks, since women for decades have complained about the cultural expectation that they must shave their legs. I can imagine better uses of my time…..