Post-concert Dialogue with Tim

Friend: “What are you doing tomorrow?”
Tim: “Not practicing the Duruflé Requiem.”

That’s how I feel today. The concert was yesterday, and although we didn’t rehearse on Saturday, it still came off pretty well. I made some goofs, and Good Company made some goofs, but we did more than “get through it.” It certainly is the case that we could have used a couple more weeks of rehearsal, but you go with what you have at any particular time. George turned pages for me (He stayed in Cleveland an extra day because of the bad weather.) so that was some security for me, because I know how he operates as a page turner. I did feel totally exhausted by the end of the day.

I didn’t feel like cooking so I was going to take him out for Mexican food at Luchita’s. They were closed, so we ended up at that comfort food mecca, The Academy Tavern. After we got home, we were watching TV, and I totally fell asleep in front of the tube.