Winter storm

We have had a winter storm today which has closed down the city, although there is not as much snow as there might have been. The National Weather Service called it a “dangerous winter storm” and said that people should not travel–snow, blowing and drifting, and wind chills well below zero. I called Karen Weaver, the Good Company director, this morning to ask if we would be having our dress rehearsal this afternoon. She had already heard from some of the members who live in Akron and Hinckley to say that they would not be coming in. So later she called me back to say that she had cancelled the rehearsal. I’m of mixed feelings about it, because it was three hours of rehearsal that we really needed. On the other hand, I didn’t want to be out driving around even in my 4×4 vehicle (which seems to be having problems with its transmission–it is very difficult to change gears). George and I went to the grocery store, then came home and stayed put for the rest of the day. Charlene H. cancelled her MLK, Jr birthday observance at the church (scheduled for the evening), so I had no further reason to leave. We put a fire in the fireplace and stayed home.