On the way to England

Wednesday, November 10, 2004‚ÄîThis was the day George and I left for our Fall UK trip. I worked in the office until about noon, then came home and finished getting ready to go. My colleague Karen Oye came to pick up the dogs (she’s taking care of them) and take me to the airport about 3:45.

I got checked in at US Airways a little after 4:00. My plane (an ERJ) left on time at 5:45. I got to the Philly airport late by about a half an hour–we were almost involved in a mid-air crash and our plane had to do a sudden maneuver to get out of the way. We then had to fly around again to land.

And, of course, I was a the far end of the airport–as far away as possible from where I wanted to be to meet George. I had to take a shuttle bus, then walk the entire length of the main terminal to get to the international departures area. They were already starting to load the plane when I got there. We did manage to get our seats changed to sit together, and in a much better area than where we were originally supposedto be.

The plane lifted off about 9:00 PM, and dinner was served shortly thereafter. I had decided against taking the Ambien that I had gotten from Dr. Bonomo, and it is just as well. We got about an hour and a half into the flight and the flight deck came on with an announcement that there was a valve light that had come on related to the presurization of the plane, and we had to go back to Philly. So we got back there about midnight, and we were kept on the plane while the mechanics fixed the problem. We took off again about midnight.