Vote for Kerry/Edwards!

John Kerry for President

At my friend Leslie Bauer’s request, I am posting this note, to urge everyone who reads this to vote for John Kerry. This country can’t take four more years of George W. Bush. His administration is destroying our government from the inside out. There will be nothing left at the end of a second term. The next president will probably also have the opportunity to appoint at least one, possibly more, US Supreme Court justices. Don’t let Bush stack the court with extreme right-wingers. Vote for Kerry/Edwards. We need a new start.

Also please vote NO on ballot issue 1 (the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment). No matter what you think about gay marriage, this is a BAD amendment, for many others besides gays and lesbians. It will put the state at a serious disadvantage in being able to attract employees to state and municipal institutions. Constitutional amendments in the past have created freedom and liberty for people. This amendment institutionalizes in our constitution oppression and discrimination. Once it is passed, it will not be easily removed.

Please vote YES for the Cleveland Schools tax levy, and vote YES for the Metroparks levy. The Cleveland schools have made significant progress in the past few years and to not pass this levy now would abandon our children for decades to come. We can’t afford that. A child not educated is a child that will end up being publicly supported one way or another.

John Kerry

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