Happy Days Are Here Again

Today about 1:00 I looked out the kitchen window and saw a miracle taking place. The jerk (overgrown fratboy) who used to live next door in the townhouse who had installed the illegal hot tub had a whole crew (including the woman he married) there removing the hot tub.

It was wedged in between the posts holding up the balcony decks of the two places, so they had a hell of a time getting it out. I was not so secretly hoping that it might fall on someone while they were messing around, and they would be seriously injured, but that didn’t happen and they did finally get it out. I took pictures just to prove that it is gone. Those people made my life a living hell for two years, and I can’t think of enough bad things to say about them–racist, homophobic, obnoxious, foul-mouthed drunks. They made me afraid to be at home, especially on weekends. The guy who was the owner has not aged well. He can’t be more than 30 or so, but he has put on a lot of weight, his face is very puffy, and he looks old. All that drinking doesn’t do you any good.

Good riddance.




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