Open Console at the CMA

This afternoon from 12-4 was the AGO Cleveland Chapter’s “open console” member’s recital at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was sponsored by the Museum and the Chapter, and the Museum’s Curator of Musical Arts, Karel Paukert, one of the great organists of our time, was honored with a life membership in the Cleveland Chapter. No one is more richly deserving of this honor than Mr. Paukert. I have learned more from listening to his concerts over the years than from just about anything.

I was on the program. I played the Contrapunctus I (the first fugue) from Bach’s Art of Fugue, and Philip Glass’s “Dance No. 4.” All went fine, except that when I first started the Bach fugue, I had a momentary lapse, and I didn’t know what I was doing. I was unable to continue, but I said “Sorry” and started over, and everything was fine. The Glass piece went very well. At the end, Mr. Paukert said that he thought that my Glass piece was “sensational.” Since it’s now a part of my repertoire, after all the work of learning it two years ago, it’s nice to have another chance to perform it.

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