The Race at Case gets into its starting blocks

The 2004 vice-presidential debate will be held on the Case Western Reserve University campus tomorrow, October 5, 2004. “The Race at Case,” as it is known in university publicity, is in its final preparations today.

  • CNN has set up shop across the street in front of the south building of the Cleveland Museum of Art. (Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones from Cleveland and Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell were debating job loss in Cleveland when I was out a few minutes ago.)
  • MSNBC is going to broadcast (Hardball among other things) from a mobile stage just outside my office window.
  • The radicals are staking their claims to real estate on the lawn in front of the Kelvin Smith Library. (A very earnest young man was pushing the virtues of Lyndon LaRouche to anyone who would listen‚Äîyou’ve got to give the kid credit for taking on a really losing cause.)
  • Supposedly MTV is having a special event tomorrow evening. Another (as yet unidentified) mobile stage is being set up at the corner of East Blvd. and Bellflower Ave.
  • There are more teamsters on campus than at Jimmy Hoffa’s memorial service.

I have a bird’s-eye view of most of the preparations, and even though I’m pretty cynical about the whole thing, there is a kind of excitement on campus that we don’t get very often.

More updates as they occur. I’m taking pictures that I’ll post later.