It’s over!

My recital at EACC took place yesterday, and was a success. There were over one hundred people present, and it was a responsive audience. I felt like I played quite well—there were no terrible bloopers, and after I finished the two Bach fugues from “The Art of Fugue,” I felt like I was on the home stretch, even though there was still over half the program yet to play. Here’s a link to a PDF of the concert program.

At the end of the program, Paul Jerabek, the senior member of the Chancel Choir (He’s been singing in the choir for 66 years!) made a presentation on behalf of the church and choir of a commissioned anthem that the church has made of Lisa Rainsong, a Cleveland composer and singer with a growing reputation. It was just settled the end of the week, so nothing has been written yet. I was very touched, and it was a big surprise. Felix Carrion (our pastor) also presented me with an engraved plaque with my picture and a dedication of thanks. We ended the program with an “encore”: the audience singing the hymn “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need,” and me improvising the accompaniment. They all sang well. It’s always a thrill to me to play for good hymn singing.

The choir sponsored a beautiful reception afterwards, and I got to talk to lots of people. George was there, of course, and Jerry, Robert, Dexter and Les and Partho, and all my church lady friends. I felt very happy at the end.

But exhausted….. We got home about 6:00 PM, and I collapsed. George cooked dinner, and I was good for nothing for the rest of the evening. I don’t know how people go out a “celebrate” after a concert. I just want to go home and sit in silence and go to sleep.

It was very successful, and I’m relieved that it’s done.