Dame Edna at the Palace

This past Sunday afternoon I was given a ticket to the Palace Theater in downtown Cleveland to see A Night with Dame Edna, that fabulous character created by the Australian performer Barry Humphries. For those who don’t know her, Dame Edna is an “ordinary Australian housewife” who has become a Megastar. Here’s her web site:
http://www.dame-edna.com/. She had music, show girls (two ex-Rockettes who assisted on stage), and lots of stories and lots of interaction with the audience. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. In her advertising Dame Edna guarantees at least one laugh twice a minute, and I think it was at least that. She had done a fair amount of research into Cleveland, and her various stories were full of Cleveland references. Especially amusing was her story and song about her son Kenny, a costume designer / former flight attendant / dancer.

If you have the chance to see Dame Edna in person, don’t miss her!