To England and Back

I’m now back from my first trip to England, from July 31-August 11, with George and his friend Dan, priest-in-training at Yale. We spent most of the time in London, with a three day side trip to Cambridge, where we stayed in the flat of George and Dan’s friends from their church in DC. We were the beneficiaries of great hospitality of their London friends, with invitations to dinners and drinks parties in their homes. Paul and Daniel were especially kind.

For me the best part was visiting some of the most famous venues of “church-music-dom”: King’s College and St. John’s College, Cambridge, and Westminster Abbey. Although the Cambridge choirs are currently on holiday, I did get to visit the chapels and heard an organ recital (by a young Brit named Joseph Nolan) at St. John’s, and attended evensong at Westminster Abbey.

There is too much more to write here now, but I’ll eventually post the link to the web album of the 100+ photos I took that will have more commentary.

Here’s a photo of me at King’s College, with the local ducks from the River Cam. Tim_with_ducks.jpg

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