Gay Day at Cedar Point

I went yesterday with my friend Dexter and some of his associates to Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of America just outside Sandusky, Ohio, on a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie. Yesterday was Father’s Day, one of the lowest-attendance days at Cedar Point each year, and the annual unofficial “gay day.” The crowd was relatively small (no wait longer than 50 minutes). Cedar Point is a historic amusement park, but over the last decade or so has been adding a new coaster every couple of years, each more fearsome than the one before.

I haven’t been to Cedar Point in several years, so there were some attractions that I hadn’t seen. I did decline to ride on the latest big coast, the Millennium Force. It is not my idea of fun to go over Niagara Falls in a dining room chair, which is to me what Millennium looks like. I did go on several others, however, including Mantis (the stand-up-to-ride coaster) and Magnum (formerly the world’s tallest roller coaster).

The big disappointment for some people was that the latest roller coaster, the Top Thrill Dragster, that just opened in May is currently on a long downtime for mechanical difficulties. Late in the afternoon yesterday, there were people standing in line just in hope that it might open later in the day.

I left the park about 5:15 PM to come home and tend my dog friends. The other guys stayed later. Unlike Disney World, which I could go to every few months, I’ve now had my dose of Cedar Point for several years.

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