On Noisy Neighbors

I live in a “new urbanism” development in which the houses are quite close together, and my house is overlooked by a building of townhouses, each of which has a balcony deck that looks down into my back yard and is about twenty feet away from my bedroom window. For the past two and a half years, I’ve an an ongoing problem with my neighbors partying into the night on their deck. The first group was a bunch of overgrown frat boys who hadn’t figured out that they weren’t still living in Animal House. Finally, late this summer they moved out, to my thankfulness. But they have now been replaced by a bunch of people who like to entertain a lot serving drinks on the balcony. At least this new crew doesn’t play loud music, like the frat boys did. But still–don’t people get it that it is rude to inflict their social lives on others? Probably some urban planner has done a paper on this, but I’d like to have a real solution? I love my house and the neighborhood otherwise, but these people drive me nuts!

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