Thank you, Thomas L. Friedman

Today’s New York Times has an op-ed piece by Thomas L Friedman called Cool It!. He says exactly what I (and probably millions of other people) have been thinking all week: “Let’s make a deal: We won’t criticize the administration for not anticipating 9/11 if it won’t terrorize the country by now predicting every possible nightmare scenario, but no specific ones, post-9/11.”

Every day this week we’ve had Ashcroft or Mueller or some other suit from the White House saying there might or might not be an attack that is eventually inevitable, and might affect some public structure, or the water system in Orlando (I’m going there next week–just what I wanted to hear), or a bomb package sent as cargo in an airplane.

Will we eventually destroy our own economy ourselves out of fear? How much are we hearing about the hundreds of people who will get killed this Memorial Day weekend from driving while intoxicated? That sort of death is a much more likely scenario.

We need to take reasonable precautions in our lives and go about our business. And–please–spare me all these warnings that don’t mean anything.

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