The Queen Mother is Dead

It had to happen eventually; she was, after all 101 years old, but I think everyone expected that the old girl would go on forever. But especially after Princess Margaret’s death a few weeks, I thought it wouldn’t be too long. Queen Mother: 1900-2002 What a pity for QEII to begin her golden jubilee year with the deaths of both her sister and her mother. What should be a happy time for her will be marked with grief. Here is the official royal family memorial site: Memorial sites > HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Will there be a dip in the British economy from all the companies having to eat the losses from the Queen Mum’s long-overdrawn accounts and big spending? Who, after all, is going to send the Queen Mother to collection?

I especially like the delicate manner in which The Times of London describes the cast of characters around the Queen Mother in her later years: ” It was unlikely from the outset that she would ever sully the memory of her beloved Bertie by remarrying. Instead, she gathered round her a circle of rather effete male friends, of whom NoÎl Coward was primus inter pares. His light wit and love of the superficial appealed to her, coupled with the fact that he and his like were never likely to argue with her or engage her in controversial discussion.” Indeed, much of her staff are alleged to be gay men. One famous story went to the effect that the Queen Mother once called down and said, “Could one of you queens bring this old queen a gin and tonic?”

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