Overalls: Yuck!

This morning on the NPR “Morning Edition” show they had a feature about bib overalls as part of their “Present at the Creation” series.

NPR : Getting the Dirt on Overalls, Present at the Creation

It is amazing to me how these things are now a trendy fashion item (at the party I attended on Friday night, there was a very cute, stylish boy wearing bib overalls, and he looked great), but that I have such a negative reaction, bordering on revulsion, to this article of clothing. To me, growing up on the farm, they are work clothes, low-class clothes, clothes that you only wear if you have to while you’re working. “Nice” people don’t wear them–and never to a party. That sounds pretty elitist, doesn’t it? But you won’t ever catch Virtual Farm Boy in them, at least by choice. But then, I’m not likely to have a career as a hip-hop artist either.

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