Although I didn’t have any great difficulty getting home from work last night, I was glad that I had my four-wheel drive pick-up. It took me about five minutes longer to get home than usual. (In fact, I live close enough to work that I could almost crawl home on my hands and knees if necessary.) But the traffic east-bound on all of the main streets out of town was gridlocked for hours. When I left the house again about 8:15 PM to go practice the organ, I expected that the traffic would be gone. But no such luck. It took me over twenty minutes to get from E. 83rd Street to E. 96th Street–normally a two minute drive. By the time I went home again about 10:45, it had finally cleared, although the streets were still a sheet of ice.

Today is bright and sunny and cold–the perfect Cleveland winter day. The snow is still fresh and clean, and the air is crisp. More snow expected over the weekend.

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